Case of the Week: Dennis


Case History

Dennis, An 11 year old, M/N canine Kelpie was referred to an oncologist for a nasal tumor.
Webcam images with user chosen scan area denoted by thin green line.

Scopio Practice Tip

The entire sample area can be chosen, but avoiding blank space and use of multi-ROI to select scan areas with even thickness and staining improves scan time and quality. Remember, several scan areas can be chosen on a single slide!

Cytologic Features

Large areas of mixed inflammation, particularly on one slide, but wait! There’s more…

Darkly stained clusters of epithelial cells with indistinct cytoplasmic borders.

Acinar/rosette formation – characteristic feature of adenocarcinomas

Interpretation: Adenocarcinoma with mixed inflammation.

Other interpretations that may be provided in this case: Epithelial neoplasia, carcinoma. Clinical Follow Up: Completing stereotactic radiation today and is clinically doing well

Case of the Week patient information has been altered for client confidentiality.

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